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Welcome to our General Music page! This class is part of the regular curriculum for students in grades 6-8 at South Greene Middle School (exception may be made for students who participate in band).
This is an exploratory class in which we look at different elements of music and what music appreciation looks like.
Students attend Music class for 45 minutes every day in the Fall semester and then again in the Spring semester (unless they are in CTE or RTI).
Some of the topics we explore are:
Styles of Music
Musical Time periods
Music (Folk Songs and Folk Dances) from different parts of the world
The use of technology in music
Music Theory
Musical Theatre
Instrument playing (Boomwhackers, Ukuleles, Bucket Drums, African Drumming, Recorders, etc.)
These topics are arranged by days/themes:

Monday Mash-up
Technology Tuesday
World Music Wednesday
Musical Theatre Thursday
Music Theory Thursday
Friday Follies
My expectations are pretty simple. I just ask that the students do the following:
M -- Make an effort
U -- Uplift each other
S -- Stay on task
I  -- Imagine
C -- Create
last ed. 10/30/2023