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SGMS Mission Statement

Here at SGMS, we strive to help our students develop into well-rounded individuals both in and out of the classroom. We encourage six key traits in order to help achieve that goal.


We expect our students to be RESPONSIBLE so they can take ownership of their own learning and keep up with their obligations.


We expect our students to be ENGAGED in their learning each day as they come to school ready to work hard.


We want our students to be BOLD and unafraid to take risks or fail as they try their hardest.


We want our students to be ENTHUSIASTIC towards the opportunities available to them in their school, sports, clubs, etc.


We show our students how to be LOYAL friends, peers, and citizens so they can thrive in school and their community.


Lastly, we show our students how to become SELF-ASSURED people as we help build their self-confidence in their abilities to succeed in, and contribute to, society in meaningful ways.


Our vision at SGMS goes beyond the three brief years we are privileged to teach your child. We set long-term goals for their development into successful adults, active community members, and lifelong learners.